Leaving Australia?


over the years I have made a collection of posts about bad experiences and people wanting to leave Australia. Here is a short list for you to browse through. Hope it helps.

Ten reasons why immigrants leave Australia. Seems to be a traumatic issue for many people who move to Australia. A lot of comments and activity on this post. Read it if you have doubts or the blues.  Immigrating to Sydney: Why do immigrants leave Australia? 
not sure about the 2% though, one of the biggest problems when people leave - Even Uk people who (from my point of view) prefer their cold, dark country and smallish houses because that is purely where "home" is. Reply ...

Many families and individuals who make the move to Australia end up packing it in. I cannot begin to explain the hardships people experience, the isolation, no support, work issues and so on. Trey reading this. Or post in my forum, I promise to answer!
Immigrating to Sydney: Unhappy in Australia? Suffering ...
As a South African I know from some recently published stats that almost 8.8% of South Africans that come to Australia leave. That is almost one in TEN. It looks like even a beautiful advertised country like Australia can be pretty ...

Not easy I know, every bit helps though, How to help your child make friends at their Australian school


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