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I have written about issues I and my family have faced in Sydney Australia and also pulled together a little research on issues about unhappiness after moving to Australia. I hope it helps. Some of the posts (particularly one) has over a 100 comments against it as there seem to be a lot of people facing similar issues after migrating to Sydney (or somewhere in Australia I guess).

Whatever the issue - why not join our brand new forum and share some of your worries and blues.

You will find a few like minded people online (you are not alone).

Immigrating to Sydney: Why do immigrants leave Australia?
You don't see them here, most people are very lazy, and just happy counting their monthly wages - which is not much compared to rising inflation 4) Lack of culture - I think this is so true once you have kids. You wanna take ...

Unhappy in Australia? Suffering immigration depression? I thought I would collate some facts about general unhappiness of immigrants after their move to Australia. One Lady I know of had a huge job in her country of origin ...

If you are from the upper class in some other country - scale it down and be very prepared to scale it down. You need to drop down a level in order to start again. You wont succeed if your family is unhappy. (did I mention that)
Sydney sky scrapers. You will be happy to know Sydney does not even feature in the top 100 cities in the world that have the most skyscrapers. I think that is pretty awesome. Who needs more concrete right? Australian nature.
I am in India migrating to Perth next month & we have been hearing a lot of attacks on indians especially in Sydney & Melbourne. So, i am just trying to get a clearer picture of what's really goin on... I would be more than happy ...

Unhappy in Australia - Issues that Greek speaking people face in Australia

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