Best Places to Live in Sydney

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I guess you would not be on this page if you were not interested in suburbs in Sydney.

here is a small collection of articles I created over a few years about this.

hope it helps in your move to Sydney.

Immigrating to Sydney: Best suburbs to raise a family in Sydney
Middle suburbs would probably be good - ones that do come down a bit in price because they are that little bit more out distance wise (approx 10 -15kms) These are not as expensive as the inner suburbs. Places like ...

Good and bad places to live in Sydney, NSW - Immigrating to Sydney Australia
Lots of eclectic cafes, a good place to brunch on a Sunday. n addition, areas like Bronte, Coogee Beach, Maroubra and the beach suburbs going south of Bondi, are nice places to live. Something to keep in mind though is that ...
Is Australia a good place for Indians to migrate?
In 2011-12 people of Indian nationality became the largest group of permanent migrants to Australia and formed 15.7% of the total migration population. Australia's Indian population has is the fastest growing population in the ...
Immigrating to Sydney: Immigrating to Australia? - Which are the best places to live in Sydney
Australia's most liveable city is Melbourne, the best paid are living in Australia's Sydney. The most jobs are in Queensland, Western Australia is the place to looks for education while South Australia is where soul is - its the ...
St Ives, Sydney - general tips about schools, trains and shops
One of the best schools in the WHOLE of Sydney is Killara High School. St Ives is just ... There are numerous shops, banks, a Woolworths, a couple of food places (Curry, chicken, fish 'n chips, news agent, Thai etc) There are ...
Cheapest most affordable places to live in Sydney
There are apartments to purchase at about $130,000 and some houses for $200,000. Rentals for flats $120 and houses about $150. The commute is longer to Sydney - about 40 minutes by train. Bankstown, Cabramatta and Redfern are all harder cheaper suburbs. Redfern is cheaper due to some crime. Even cheaper is further to Croyden ... Good and bad places to live in Sydney, NSW. Been seeing some pretty inaccurate information about Sydney, so decided to put ...
Immigrating to Sydney: What are the worst places to live in Sydney
After Living in Sydney for a while, I think these are the worst places to Live. Please note that these have lots of good people in them and some people live there without any problems, but on the whole; The worst suburbs are:.
Good, Top Notch luxury Hotels in Sydney, Australia
Walk to Martin Place, The Rocks, Circular Wharf, Martin Place, Town Hall, the Sydney Tower and the MCA and Sydney Museum. The top-end is Park Hyatt, the Four Seasons, Shang-ri-la and the Observatory. The Observatory ...
Immigrating to Sydney: Living in St Ives
Typical Houses with 6 - 10 rooms are the norm with large pools and large gardens and shedloads of trees, but thats typical Of Sydney all over(the trees). We found the place to ... Good and bad places to live in Sydney, NSW.
Cheapest 4 bedroom new build houses in Sydney, Australia
There is a lot of land for sale and new houses springing up around Rouse Hill, Glenwood, Quaker Hill, The Ponds, Beaumont Hills, Kellyville Ridge, Dural, Acacia Gardens and around the Stanhope shopping mall. A lot of these houses are small and close to each other. Not too leafy. For me so far, Rouse Hill has a very ... Good and bad places to live in Sydney, NSW. Been seeing some pretty inaccurate information about Sydney, so decided to put together some info ...

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