Sunday, April 30, 2017

Website Developer in Sandton


thought I would give one of my mates a plus one on the web today. He is a young web developer and networking guy as well who has been fixing websites and network since he was a young teenager for pocket money. His cheap websites in Sandton were a big hit with many small businesses.

If you are looking for a good web developer in Midrand that you can trust not to rip you off and to do a good job,  I can recommend Jodi.  

I recently referred him to someone we know who owns a tattoo shop in Sydney and he had the site up within three days.

Apparently the site has a art gallery, a shop and a online booking system. To top it off it came in at 20% of the cost of the big web agencies.. e-nuff said! Oh! web hosting in Midrand was thrown in for free for a year.

Jodi apparently moves around a lot as his family moves around for work purposes. I asked him how that works out. He said he can control websites anywhere in the world as its all online. With a combo of skype and his laptop he says it makes no difference whether he is 2km or 200000km away from his clients. He performs website maintenance in Midrand regularly.

If you want to pass him some work just email him here

Web designer in Sandton

Website guy Midrand, South Africa

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