Saturday, November 7, 2015

Get your Australia citizenship fast or face Deportation nightmares.

Well I am a bit shocked and dismayed to be honest.

There seems to be an axe hanging over any permanent resident in Australia.

I read a recent story (amongst a lot of others) about a man who is being deported after living in Australia for 16 years.

He is a permanent resident but not a citizen of Australia. He has been here in Australia since 7 years old and has all his family here, including kids of his own.

Granted, he is not a great citizen (oh wait..) having drug related offences etc and having spent time in prison, which meant the Australians decided to revoke his visa and chuck him out.

I don't think this is fair nor humane, if you let someone stay in your country that long you don't have the right to exile them to get rid of your problems. This is an abuse of power.

Don't get me wrong, I know migrants to Australia are on probation until citizenship. Fair enough, but there needs to be a cut off point where you cannot exile/deport someone.

They guy has no ties to his home country at all.

I am shocked to have read this.

Sure, if he arrived within the last few years and did this, do your thing Australia, kick him out, but to do this to someone who is effectively an Australian - shocking.

This behavior leads other permanent residents to lose respect and care for Australia. Do Australians really want disenchanted people living here?

There are whole pockets of people in Australia who are just living under the axe, slip up and you are out!


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