Saturday, March 7, 2015

The cheekiest bird in Sydney, Australia

This guy...  does not give up. 

We tried to keep him away from our porch as the landlord of our new rental in Sydney, Hornsby had warned us about him and his mates.  Apparently if they don't get birdseed, they strip the wood fro the place looking for a few seeds between the cracks,

We chase him away and he literally flies to the nearest branch and gets angry with us waits for us to move in the house and he just comes back.

So for the first few months we did this, with him landing on our railing, puffing his chest and spreading his wings. We eventually gave up. He is now quite peaceable, waiting for his mate and letting her eat with him. Even sits thee with us after eating, they seem to enjoy our company.

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the Ruffian cockatoo, Hornsby Australia

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