Saturday, March 7, 2015

The best things in life are a total surprize. Hornsby, Sydney

Isn't this beautiful?

Kookaburra in Hornsby, NSW - at my new house after migrating to Sydney
Kookaburra - at my porch in Hornsby, Sydney.

We feed these guys twice a day, they turn up expecting food, especially at twilight,
They take our raw meat and eat and feed each other and each others young.
they are silent(well until after they have eaten and then they have a laugh festival announcing to the world how happy they are).
They have taken my wife in as one of the family and bring her fish - see the one below, They even kill it in front
of her and then leave it for her. Before this fish they brought a lizard.
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They are fearless with other bigger birds, The bigger white sulphur crested cockatoos turn up screaming and waddle up into their faces puffin up their chests but these guys just stand up to them by just staring and not moving. the cockatoos who are twice the size just back off.

Since moving to Sydney recently these beautiful birds have given us hours of joy. One turns up with an old broken wing, and there are a few fluffy baby ones. We have about 6-8 that turn up.

They only eat raw meat currently, we used to give them steak, but its too expensive so we downgraded to mince meat.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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