Sunday, March 15, 2015

After migrating to Australia every one wants to know what a redback spider look like?

Ok, What does an Australian Redback Spider look like?

So you have moved to Australia. One of the many things you will want to know is what does a red-back spider look like?

Australia is very wary of this spider. I have even seen motorcycle warning posters "beware the hitchhiker" as these spiders have been known to move in on cars and motorbikes.

This is the female and her body can get to 1.5cms. She can reduce you to a 90 year old if she gets in a good bite.

They are found all over Australia. The male redback is a few millimetres in length and live something like 8 weeks only.

Live in Australia? What does a reback spider look like.
Female Redback Spider, Australia

one of the most venomous spiders in the world. This is the female, only the female is dangerous.
Anti venom is available at hospitals etc. Normally you just get a very very sore and consistently painful bite.

If it s whole body bite (i.e. you are completely messed up). You're in for trouble and need to get the emergency department of the nearest hospital. These are especially dangerous to small children.

No one has died from this spider since the 1950's. They like dry areas such as outdoor toilets, sheds and garage corners.

They have been known to play dead. Make sure its dead!!!!

Here is a female redback spider eating her male partner,

migrating to Australia - here is a redback Spider

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