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Good immigation lawyer or immigration agent for Australia - Top recommended

Immigration Lawyer Australia.

Thinking of immigrating to Australia and need a good lawyer or agent to help you?

Although I know of some friends of mine who acquired their Australian work visas and their Australian citizenship by filling in and lodging all the forms themselves, this can be a risky, daunting and complex process. Its expensive and long and you really don't want to get it wrong.

Immigration Lawyer for Australia
Need an Australian immigration lawyer ?
Firstly, you need to know that not all Australian immigration specialists are Lawyers and that this does not matter too much. You just need to find someone with experience and who comes with a good reputation for the process.

Not all lawyers are good at immigration and may not even specialize completely in immigration matters.
Watch out for websites that claim this as it could be all a sales pitch. Anyone can put up a great website ticking all the right boxes. You need to make sure you find someone who's sole purpose is immigration and who's reputation and living is based on visa applications to Australia only. Make sure you use someone that comes recommended by people who have used them.

Later in this article I will recommend a few visa lawyers that I personally have used and can recommend and also a few that I have seen recommended repeatedly on immigration forums around the globe.

Some visa applications are tricky and borderline (like re-acquiring a Permanent Residence visa after it expires) and you really do not want someone who is not one hundred percent focused and experienced in the Australian visa process working on your case.

I would further recommend that you manage your immigration lawyer or agent at all times. Be inquisitive, ask questions and drive them along. Check the Australian immigration department website and challenge your immigration agent or lawyer all the time. You will be paying good money, ensure they do good work for you properly and quickly.

Recommended Immigration Lawyers and Agents - My company used people from BakermcKenzie to research the best way to get me to Australia. These guys were on the ball and came back with some excellent advice. I had an expired Permanent Residence visa, and they managed to help me show work ties to Australia. This meant so much to me as I would have to come in with the 457 visa and this is not the greatest, as you do not get the Permanent Resident benefits like free schooling, cheaper university fees and some other benefits.
Another great immigration lawyer is Breytenbach's. they helped me get my highly skilled visa for the UK (from south Africa)and then later when I was still in the UK, they got me my 175 visa for Australia. They had really great people working for me, had great workflow and case management and mainly they were very friendly and willing to explain things in detail. They do immigration to a number of countries. For me the customer service was great. Mark Northam comes highly recommended on a few local forums to Australia and there seems to be some considerable support for him. His website in in English and Chinese and he has a large Chinese clientel seeking his services as an Australian Immigration Agent

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