Friday, January 2, 2015

Telstra and SingTel-Optus rolling out 4G mobile network

Wow good news for Sydney siders!

4G mobile broadband is being rolled out this January 2015!

A Christmas present surprise for everyone - you will notice better mobile phone data speed this Monday Morning coming!!

Pity the mobile phone providers make us pay an arm and a leg for data. So now we get to burn through our data faster thane ever.

Telstra and Optus spent $ 2 billion buying the services from the federal government during 2013.

Telstra said more than  600 new towns and suburbs throughout Australia would get the upgraded 4GX services from Friday, in the largest switch-on to date. This is in addition to the sites that had enjoyed early access, such as Sydney and Melbourne's central business districts, and brings the total number of sites to more than  1000.

You still have to have the right phone though. Samsung high end phones will do a whopping 75 megabits per second. and the newer phone from Huawei can do 100 megabits per second.

Optus turned on several hundred new sites on new years day. They are hoping to cover 90% of the Australian population by April 2015.

Great speed

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