Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life in Australia

"What's life in Australia Like", you ask? Oh its horrible, all these scenic forests, trains that glide, wild animals on my porch, sunshine, beaches, big shopping centers, massive road infrastructure, first world free medi-care, first class education, kangaroos, harbors, water ways too many things to do.

Hate it. (Life in Australia)

Seriously though - I think compared to other countries Australia is a little different. I think the culture is a little isolated and slightly year 2000's. Big cars are chased for with big houses. Everyone flows out to the beach resorts on holidays. Crazy traffic.

Well on different days I have different opinions.

Life in Australia on TV. TV adverts can be crass, with weird adverts on how to last longer and please you girlfriend? Somehow improving your relationship. There is only one provider - Fox Tel with services costing about $160 per month for the full whack. Very expensive. No competition, monopoly.

Life in Australia for the Macho ? The culture is very old fashioned with macho beer drinking, outdoorsmen drinking beer. On the other hand there are lots of people who don't do this and really quite nice.

Life in Australia for kids? In schools the kids party hard, drink a lot, A LOT, and do drugs, I heard somewhere there is a lot dope smoking - something like the highest in the world.

The reverse is that many of the schools are well equipped. Obviously you have good and bad schools - many of them aligned to area.

Bus and train transport for school kids are free!! First two weeks of school you just need to wear a uniform, after that all kids are issued a student travel card.

Computer gaming is ok, but we are far away from the big server farms in Asia, Europe and America. So in the past high latency has to be endured. Its getting better as the big online gaming companies move infrastructure to Australia.

Life in Australia on the internet? Speeds are slower, bandwidth is more expensive than everywhere else. Government unsure as to whether the internet is important. Data is capped....need I say more- dark ages.

Life in Australia weather ? Well it is hot in Summer - of course there is a winter and for the southern areas like Sydney and Melbourne it gets effing cold. Down to 4 degrees. Winter is long, you need heating, unless you are want to wear warm stuff inside all winter. Lots of houses are not insulated. Prepare to freeze your nuts off. Heaters fly off the shelves.

Life in Australia as a unskilled worker? Hard, very hard - but of course its relevant. May be harder elsewhere.

Life in Australia I high school ?  Same as everywhere else. Crappy crowds and cliques following the latest trend or fashion.

Life in Australia in terms of business and integrity? Watch out, Australians will eat you alive! Many people are dishonest - just the same as everywhere else.

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