Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adelaide Hills bushfire: Dozens of homes feared lost in SA's most dangerous day since Ash Wednesday

Wow, these raging fires are something we don't encounter overseas, I don't think I have seen a set of fires like these running through Adelaide Hills ever in South Africa.

I am now thinking seriously on household insurance. This is one thing I have always skipped as one we don't have super valuable stuff (well it does all add up I guess) and two I have never been in an area where fire is a real danger.

This news about the Adelaide fires and the fact that I am now surrounded by forest on basically 4/5th's of my house perimeter.

If this forest goes up in flames there is not much we could do regarding fire at all.

We have a wooden house, close wooden trees, lots of brush.

The SA premiere has just announced that families will get up to $700 in Aid. Looks like almost 100 firefighters from three different states have been mobilized to fight the fires.

At least four houses destroyed by bushfire near Kersbrook in Adelaide Hills. Just shocking, I would have thought people could have moved theirs cars and some priority belongings at least? How does this happen. If there was a fire near my home everything would be chucked in the cars and driven away.

The remains of a house destroyed by fire near Humbug Scrub, South Australia January 2 2015
Fire in Adelaide Hills

An out-of-control bushfire in South Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges has destroyed 12 homes and there are fears for 20 others, Premier Jay Weatherill has confirmed.. 

 The Country Fire Services reported that at least 22 fire fighters have also been injured in the blaze, although none seriously, also one fire truck has been gutted in probably the worst conditions since Ash Wednesday in 1983. Forecasters have temperatures in the fire zone forecast to be much cooler on this Sunday, with a top temp of 31C  for Adelaide, problematic winds are expected to reach 40km/h in the hills in the morning and the evening. This will fan the fires and cause more damages
The Country Fire Service reduced the fire warning from the highest emergency level to a watch and act message.
However, it said the fire was stilling burning on several fronts and threatened the safety of residents in a number of communities including Sampson Flat, One Tree Hill, Humbug Scrub, Millbrook Reservoir, Kersbrook, Gumeracha, Birdwood, Mount Crawford and Kenton Valley.  

Lets hope this dies down fast with a good weather break.

Here are some photos

Adelaide fires in australia
Livestock under life threatening fire danger

Firefighter toiling away in Adelaide
Dangers of life in Adelaide Australia
Firefighter in Adelaide Australia, been on the news for days now, fires consuming homes and facilities.
Pity the poor guy here toiling in this heat and smoke. its over 30C in temp - add on the fire heat and you get the picture.

Aerial view of the fires in Australia.

Aerial view of the fires in Australia
Aerial view of the fires in Adelaide Australia today and yesterday

This is not something great to see next to your home and lifelong belongings. It seems every summer that these fires breakout. Sometimes they are purposely started as well.
Moving to Australia? This is not something great to see next to your home and lifelong belongings

Moving to Australia? This is not something great to see next to your home and lifelong belongings.

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