Monday, December 8, 2014

The crazy big company work culture in Sydney, Australia

Wow, I work in a crazy place. 5 years and seven managers!

Is this weird culture just endemic to Australian employers?

My company expects me to work 11 hour days and weekends. We never get a thank you.

My team does 100 things right, works under continual stress, makes miracles, but only the one thing that goes wrong in 100 right things gets remembered. And gets remembered for ages.

Why is it that only the outspoken, confident or good looking people get promoted? Its not like they are doing a good job.

Its crazy, these upwardly mobile managers are such good bull-shitters, that they do more harm than good, they last a few years and when their teams crash and burn, they move to another company and do the same thing again.

Every time something goes wrong, all the upper management polish their daggers and stab each other in the back.

New managers come in, who know nothing about our workload, processes and challenges and make suggestions and changes which just makes it worse. Then, when things go wrong they blame the team at the bottom. Not one manager tries to spend 6 months understanding the systems and issues.

A couple of conversations and they are on-board, Experts! my ass.

In some cases workers are reporting to multiple managers, why is this, this causes time contention, stress and task thrashing. Please one manager and the other manager is annoyed. In the end you have to lie to both managers to fake that you are working for both of them. Escalate to both the issue and no-one does anything.

Please escalate issues they say, please innovate. Hah, Escalation is always ignored..Always.

Why don't they promote from within, so that those people that know the issues can fix them?

Anyone that speaks the truth or tries to fix things get cut.

Business are increasing profits by cutting staff (aka not really making more revenue) and then firing and hiring because the left over staff cannot cope with the work.

The cycle continues. I mean really.... 7 managers in 5 years!

I have watched teams be consolidated and a year later being broken apart to the same as they were.

If is wasn't so painful it would be funny. but its not.

I work in the Financial industry, is it the same in yours?

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