Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Immigrating Sydney - Where do people shop cheaply online in Australia ?

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I though I would down some points about online shopping in Australia. As an expat we don't really know where the shops are and whether the shops are well priced. Online shopping is very competitive so I know the prices are ok and I really hated driving around hoping to find suitable shops fro what I wanted.

Before coming to Australia, we were living in the UK for a number of years and in the UK the online shopping scene is highly mature. We got so used to the joys of shopping online.

In fact it got to a point where we did ALL our grocery shopping from the PC and that the only times we went to one of the big supermarkets was for snacks or small top-ups. You can even choose the two hour slot it will be delivered in and re-use you previous orders to save time.

In Australia it is not there by a long way! The broadband is quite slow, and bandwidth is limited so you pay for X amount of data  per months and then your speed gets restricted. Its growing fast though.

Slowly I started to online shopping (we were in Sydney). We started buying some pc parts and also started to do online shopping for various household items.

I just cannot waste my time travelling to various spread out shops to find out what's what - rather just spend 20 minutes online and spare myself the drive, the petrol and the time. (Sydney is a big place)

My favorite online store I found (because it was generally cheaper and delivery is free) was this wholesale store called Simply Wholesale.

If you need reliable, cheap car rental the you can use Budget car rental  or Avis Australia Rental Cars and Car Hire Services

If you need to safely book some accommodation in Sydney, I found to be the best and the prices are normally as good as or better than the other sites out there. I used these folk when I needed some temp accommodation on arrival in Sydney. I had some issues with the hotel I stayed at and sorted it out and organized me some discount as well.

For Sydney online shoe shopping there is Clarks who are well known and I trust the shoes there. Especially good for reasonably priced school shoes as well.

And finally for clothing ladies, an old favorite - especially for South Africans who have moved to Sydney Australia, we have Queenspark to shop at online.

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