Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Something cool that all Sydney immigrants should know! - New Year Fire works on the Harbour!

Because of the time zone in Australia, Sydney is generally ahead of the rest of the world, this give the Sydney authorities a great way to celebrate the new year ahead of the rest of the world.  So they make a big thing about setting up very huge and lavish firework displays at the Sydney Harbor, so the pyrotechnic displays are generally placed on the various landmarks like the opera house and or the Sydney Bridge.

Beautiful isn't it
Immigrants can enjoy Stupendous views in Sydney

They are usually of world class and as the rest of the world is generally up and waiting for midnight in their time zones, its a great way for Australia to Market the wonderful Sydney sites and attractions.

How pretty is this Sydney Harbor site?

It can get a bit busy down there with lots of Cars and people travelling in to partake.

Sydney immigrants, residents and tourists enjoying New Year
Sydney, Australia - New year celebrations!!

Plan ahead, book a table somewhere, book a yacht or a boat and get in on the action.

An outing for new immigrants to Australia - Sydney, Australia, Opera House New years fireworks!

You only live on this earth once right?

Looks good huh? A lot of people hire boats for a few hours on the Sydney Harbor Waterway
Looks good huh? A lot of people hire boats for a few hours on the Sydney Harbor Waterway

Exploding fireworks sprayed from Sydney's iconic opera house and harbour bridge at midnight Tuesday as the world began ushering in a new year.
More than one million people packed into the Sydney Harbour waterfront on a balmy summer night to watch Sydney's famous yearly pyrotechnics extravaganza, it lived up to its billing as the city's most extravagant show ever.
The colour filled display went on for 11 minutes and they also launched fireworks from all four sails of the Sydney Opera House for the first time in over a decade.

Calling all Australina immigrants!! New year 2013/14 midnight fireworks.
Calling all Australian migrants!! New year 2013 - 2014 midnight fireworks!!
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