Friday, January 3, 2014

Immigrating to Australia? - Which are Australia's best and worst suburbs?

The best and worst suburbs in Australia

Australia’s most liveable city is Melbourne, the best paid are living in Australia's Sydney. The most jobs are in Queensland, Western Australia is the place to looks for education  while South Australia is where soul is - its the ‘Good Samaritan’ state with the largest volunteering rates in the country.

The BankWest Quality of Life Index, released recently, indicates that 21 of Australia’s 25 most liveable areas are in our urban suburbs and not in the coastal towns, so much for the old  ‘sea-change’ and ‘tree-change’ dream.

Meh, I still like beaches and trees and mountains...

“Clearly many Australians citizens want to live on the coast or the countryside, but the facts are that the best life quality in Australia is to be found in the normal suburbs, particularly in Sydney’s north, also Melbourne’s east and surprisingly western Perth,” the BankWest Retail Chief Executive mentions.

Living in the suburbs of Australia’s big cities, residents often have the best quality of life with good school access, modern advanced  hospitals and plenty of jobs. They also have large houses, super fast internet connections and minimal crime rates.

They were ranked against 10 key criteria (including employment levels, crime rates, internet access, health, education levels, earnings, home ownership rates, house size, proportion of empty homes and community involvement)

The lucky residents of the suburb of Ku-ring-gai in Sydney’s northern suburbs have stood out with the highest quality of life in Australia, closely followed by Hunter’s Hill dwellers in Sydney and Nillumbik in Melbourne.

Not so good for the people of Halls Creek in Western Australia where they have achieved the lowest quality of life ranking in Australia.

Which suburbs are the top of the measurements?

  • Highest home ownership rates are to be found in Golden Plains (92%) in Victoria.
  • Mosman wins the prize for the highest average taxable income ($126,884) in Sydney.
  • Health rates are greatest for the Snowy Mountains residents in NSW with 88% healthy .
  • Property crimes are least in Golden Plains in Victoria with a tiny 1.3% of the local population affected in 2006 - 2007.
  • Volunteers score highest in Kimba (54%) in South Australia.
  • Higher school enrolment and finishing rates are found in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.
  • Clearly the worlds best jobs market is in Barcoo in Queensland where 100% of the labour force is gainfully employed!
  • Brighton  in Tasmania has the lowest proportion of vacant homes in the country (3.5%) . This indicates a important disincentive against crime.
  • The highest detached houses proportion is in Broomehill (100%) and Tammin (100%) in Western Australia.
  • The highest rates of broadband internet connections are in Ku-ring-gai in Sydney (69%).

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