Saturday, January 4, 2014

Australians discriminate against Greek people in Australia

Ozzies are scared of immigrants taking their jobs.

Greek people sometimes get called Aboriginies (there is nothing wrong with Aboriginies)

I quote a school yard taunt to a Greek child  
“Wog, wog, why don’t you go back to your own country, dirty wog?”

My friend tells his children this -  “Australians are highly racist, They(Ozzies) are racist and they are amorphoté. ” This word literally means to be uneducated but this is an inadequate translation.

This is one of his ways of alleviating their issues. unfortunately some greek children go onto becoming hardened to mainstream Australia.

Therefore, Greeks families have been accused of acting as loners, not integrating and not attending Australian functions(school, work, where ever), which further increases the divide between people.

I would like to say that many Australians are not racist. But Racism as always, is not an obvious thing, Its often hidden and unknown to the person dishing it out as they follow examples set by culture, parents and friends.

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