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Where to stay in Sydney if I am only visiting for a few days

If you are only staying for a few days, then the best place to stay would be somewhere in the Sydney city center. The Opera House and the Zoo are on the opposite sides of Sydney Harbour. One can easily catch a ferry from the City to the Zoo or vice versa. 

From the city centre you can catch a train or bus to Bondi beach or any other area.

There are also heaps of hotels in the city.

There is also an area called the 'Rocks' which is close to the harbour and the Opera House.  

Circular Quay or the Rocks are the names of the areas to start your hotel search. You will have great access to the site of the original establishments of Sydney. There are historical buildings here still. 

From Circular Quay you can catch a ferry to Taronga Zoo. Along the Circular Quay foreshore you can access the Opera House and / or the Botanical Gardens. This area plays host to a number of museums and many eclectic restaurants. 

Pubs, buses and city rail are available from Circular Quay. 

Please also consider Darling Harbour. This area is close to the CBD and also China Town and you can travel around it using the monorail. 

A short walk can be made to Queen Victoria Building or Pitt Street Mall from Darling Harbour (about 15 mins by foot). Darling Harbour hosts many shops, tourist spots (a small zoo, IMAX and a world class aquarium) and many many places to eat. 

Free entertainment is available at either area. Either one of these places is an attractive base. 

Sydney is a simple place. take some energy and an adventurous spirit and get out there. - You wont be disappointed - its also quite safe.

The top chain hotels are located around the Circular Quay and the Rocks areas. Staying in these areas as previously mentioned will give you easy access to the ferry terminal for the zoo and shopping.

Darling Harbor has an ride operator that offers a zoo catamaran trip direct from Darling Harbour, this includes entry fee to the Zoo ant it is cheaper than catching a ferry and separately paying for entry - plus you get a free tour around Sydney Harbour (lots of bays and info about the houses and islands etc). 

As for hotels, this of course hugely depends on your pockets budget bulge. The Metro apartments are cheap, Four Points Sheraton is lovely but is very expensive and upmarket, The Ibis was great too. There are lots of place to stay around there - some way more expensive than others.

You can walk to the Rocks from Darling Harbour as well as walk to the Centerpoint tower.

As for hotels, depends on your budget. The Metro apartments are great value, we loved Four Points Shearaton (but is very expensive - thanks work), and the Ibis was OK. There are heaps around there, some more expensive than others.

Have fun in your Holiday. Don't stress and remember its about having a good time. So if you value luxury - spend a little more on the hotel 

If you value the adventure - spend less on the hotel, bring your energy and get out there and do more.

Don't forget to walk/climb the harbour bridge.

See ya later. 

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