Monday, December 30, 2013

What are the worst places to live in Sydney

After Living in Sydney for a while, I think these are the worst places to Live. 

Please note that these have lots of good people in them and some people live there without any problems, but on the whole;

 The worst suburbs are: 

  •  - Redfern 
  •  - Bankstown 
  •  - Blacktown 
  •  - Liverpool 
  •  - Parts of Paramatta 
  •  - Cabramatta 
  •  - Some ares fo Glebe 
  •  - Yagoona 
  •  - Campletown 
  •  - Lakemba (lots of gang troubles) 
  •  - Potts Point / Kings Cross (red light /clubbing district) 
  •  - Macquarie Fields

These are the dodgiest places I can think of. 

Avoid the South-West suburbs and some of the Western suburbs. The South-west of Sydney is notorious for crime and gang troubles (mainly due to middle-eastern gangs). I have seen them walking around with the big thick gold chains and driving around at 3 am in the morning doing everything you don't want to know about.  

The Western Suburbia don't have as much crime, but there are lots of state houses out there and it's not really a nice place to live if you know what I mean. There are some really lower income apartment places and also very low income housing estates- you know the places - all the grass dead, trees planted but not cared for, lots of grey cement, tiny old cars etc. Of course there are lots of nice people there, its just short of money right? 

Redfern is a sure place to get mugged and beaten up. Lots of cowards and bullies down there - hanging in large groups - avoid.

Kings cross / Potts point - 

Friday and Saturday nights are hell. Totally noisy up into your apartments due to thousands of vehicles congregating with youngsters from the burbs to Kings Cross. the commotion is deafening. Along with congested traffic (bumper to bumper on William Street’s traffic), a nice mix of Harley Davidson bikers screaming their engines. 

Agghh, every weekend, mutitudes of bikers passing by. all going to pubs, nightclubs, drugs, whorehouses, disco buses, strip-clubs, scum drug dealers, needle exchanges and violence. 

Even though young people have been murdered on the streets here the Assistant Commissioner just makes politically correct gestures how annoyed he is about it and then does nothing. Play the the game of ‘spot the police officer’ in Kings cross, you wont have much luck. I think the police only turn up in the area if someone is murdered. I think the local authorities have a hand in this by granting licenses to all the venues, and therefore blame rests with them. if they wanted tyo change it they could - but there is money being made isn't there?

Kings Croiss is well known as being the ‘red-light’ prostitute district of Sydney, but compared to all the cities I’ve visited in the world, Kings Cross seems to beat them all. At the end of each weekend the building entrances are littered with needles, condoms, blood and trash. It seems to be so violent with kids roaming the street high on drugs and alcohol. At night 

Kings Cross at night is a no-go area –  no such thing as a peaceful walk, an quiet dinner or a quiet nightcap. Stupid wannabee young people are drawn to the Cross because of its reputation for everything that reason would tell them they should stay away from. 

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