Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Want to immigrate to Australia - certain needed skills opened up

I am always on the lookout on new ways that immigrants can get into Australia.
If you have previously failed in getting into Australia - there is a glimmer of hope.
Here it is.
Australia has shortages of certain skills. 
These scarcities in the Australian labour market are being tackled by an immigration project called the Skill Stream.
This is part of Australia's Migration Program which targets migrants with skills or outstanding excellent abilities that will increase the competence and skill level of the Australian labour force. This is seen as supporting Australia's economic growth.

Of the 190 000 visa places available in the 2014 Migration program, the Skill Stream currently amounts to 67.7 per cent.
It is made up of;
  • employer sponsored migrants 
  • skilled-independent 
  • business migrants 

Priority processing in the Skill Stream is applied to applicants who are
  • migrating to a special regional areas
  • migrants sponsored by employers 
  •  migrants nominated by a state or territory government under the State Migration Plan

Queensland state governments have revised the criteria for sponsorship applications to enable a easier path to obtaining a visa. 
Also, the state government of Queensland recently published a broader(extra) list of eligible occupations and eligibility criteria in a push to draw in a larger amount of skilled workers. 
This is excellent  news for skilled migrants as those who have possibly been previously denied access can now apply again with a much improved chance of success. 
Applicants able to secure state/territory sponsorship can apply under the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 or the Skilled Regional (State) Sponsored Visa Subclass 498 and will receive an automated message from the DIBP upon obtaining state sponsorship.
Hope this helps!

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