Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is Australia a good place for Indians to migrate?

In 2011-12 people of Indian nationality became the largest group of permanent migrants to Australia and formed 15.7% of the total migration population. Australia's Indian population has is the  fastest growing population in the country in 2008-2009 - it has increased by 44,012 which is 17%
DNA studies have even found that indians may have been coming t Australia as much as 4000 years ago.

In 2009 there were 120 000 indians studying at Australian tertiary institutions and Australia has become the place to study and is a popular choice over the USA and the UK.

In 2009 there was also a lot of reports in the Media of Australian racism against indians in the form of robberies and violence. This resulted in mass protests and public awareness.

The size of the Indian poplation in Australia is now only second to the Chinese. (Excluding European)

There was a time when Australia had a "white only" immigration policy, but when this was cleared away indians soon took up the opportunity to immigrate to Australia.


From researching with various connections, Many Indians find Australian culture to be very shallow.

They find themselves disconnected and isolated, finding it very difficult to let go of their "great past" but have to because no-one in Australia is interested in their Indian-ness. Many Indians find living in Australia to be very bland. (and we are not talking food here :) )

Australia is promoted like mad, but its not India and is highly regulated - Many indians find it hard to fit into the 9-5 working lifestyle.

Some find Australia to be very negative towards entrepreneurship and lacking in vision and drive.
Even though many indians feel like Australia is clean and neat, they find that very neatness to be stifling, They feel like aliens and are unable to broaden their horizons. Many indians feel that in order to be themselves they need to return to India.

I had to laugh when one person described Australia as a Dumb blonde.

Many many Indians come to Australia, but leave again, this seems to be a pattern that is similiar to any immigrant who is missing the familiarity and culture of home.

Another Indian gent describes Australia as a mix of arses and good people like anywhere else- He also said its like a slightly backward clone of the UK but with a warm climate. "Australians don't want to be multicultural, they want you to come over and become Australian (or bugger orf mate)"

It does seem that Melbourne is the favourite City for Indians immigrating to Australia. Some Indian guy commented recently that he prefers it over New york city.

In conclusion it looks like Australia oin the whole is a good place to go and study and broaden ones horizons and for thos willing to work and push their way through the glass ceilings, then there is a huge future with a lot of opportunity.

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  2. Which is a better place to stay for indians Melbourne or Sydney

  3. Depends on a lot of factors Anant, Jobs, pople you know,

    I think Melbourne is a little cheaper. I also know a few fellow immigrants that have moved there from work.

  4. A friend of mine recently left Melbourne fro his home country of algeria - complained it was too expensive


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