Friday, March 29, 2013

Guest posting on this blog now open.


I would genuinely like to add your opinions and expertize about immigrating to Australia.

Anything Goes people as long as its about Australia,.

Typical topics are;

  • schooling
  • living conditions
  • social conditions
  • racial issues
  • employment
  • good and bad places to live
  • entertainment
  • real life stories
  • tragedies
  • hates
  • loves
  • weather
  • disaster
  • moving
  • visa's
  • living costs
  • and so on
Give it a go - make it as long as possible and hopefully as helpful as possible.

Posts will be checked for "spinning" and unique-ness. Please make sure you spell check it and do your best grammatically.

Please send in your posts to

Hi,  Immigrating to Australia?, why not use our community forum - all about living, working, playing, moving and studying in Australia.

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