Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is Sydney, Australia Expensive?

Sydney is very very expensive. Its a prime destination for the whole world, both for holidays and settling. Their marketing machine is good and lets face it Sydney is a beautiful place, but, you pay for what you get. Salaries are not great, its not like London where you can demand really high.

Almost without exeception every immigrant I have spoken to about living costs in Sydney has agreed its very expensive. Things like a fruit and veg are expensive as a lot has to be imported.

Its a prime immigration destination for the rich from all around the world so the prices are pushed up. Rentals are contested - and are high.

Living within 5 km of Sydney is really really expensive and if you want to live near the water or near the beach it really is millionaires row.

You can go an hours drive south and get to the beach where it more affordable, but then you are driving for an hour and a half each way.

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