Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There is a shortage of senior java programmers in Sydney

Well, thought I would comment on the state of the IT market in in Sydney, and in particular the Java programming market.

My Large Bank has about 20 -30 open positions - no candidates. I am currently looking for a Senior Java developer with Direct Market Access and or FIX Protocol experience. Hmm no luck.

We have put the brief out to five agencies, dumbed down the spec to just Senior Java developer and have only received ONE CV in two weeks.

The global recession seems to have passed java developer by....

We are now searching globally for people----and can organize a visa for the right people.

Apparently there is only a small core of senior java developers in Banking in Sydney, with an even smaller core of people that know the FIX protocol (something like less than 20).

Man, if I had know this a year ago.

If your looking... contact me - serious contenders only, bright sparks. I work in a high class Bank capiche?

Later people.

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  1. Hi Byron, jst came across ur blog, its really cool.still some openings r there ? I am immigrating to sydney by october mid and i am interested in it. have total 7 years of exp in jee/BPM .Have worked in India,UK and Latin America.if any contact ids,pls do let me know,i wuld send my resume

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