Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reporting in from somewhere near the South Pole well, actually Sydney, Australia.

Its cold here in Sydney, very cold(its winter). Australia is not cold enough for indoor heating in the houses so you just buy heaters to warm the house and basically freeze your ass off. Be careful of renting large multi-level wooden houses with lots of glass...They are COLD in winter and frikkin sauna's in summer. You may as well go outside and put the heater on...
My immune system is down and its a dog to get up in the morning as its nippy. hmm.. Pity the puppy! Sleeping in the washroom. Must have been quite a shock for it to learn to sleep away from its warm clan. But hey, where-else do you put the little poopers?
No-one told me when I moved to Sydney that it would be so cold here. I guess, like most outsiders, we see Australia as warm and toasty.
Well its not really cold to nature I guess, we are in July and there are trees with flowers(heavens knows why - its freezing). We found a lemon tree in our garden, with ONE massive lemon. One, whats up with that?
The birds are back - especially the Kookaburra's and also the parrots. Can't imagine why I used to moan at the whining puppy. The parrots are worse than cocks(the chicken species). On the plus side the puppy is only whining from 6:15 in the morning...
The winter rain has brought in a rasher of car accidents - note too self, never, ever, live in a house that is on the outside bend at the bottom of a long hill. Seriously, about 25 accidents in 6 months and all when it rains. All slipping off the road and losing wheels, axels, hubcaps, licence points and money. Geez people, its says SIXTY, "danger", "slippery when wet", what more do you want. I am really tired of cleaning the grass and dirt off of my driveway every time. And my neigbour is quite tired of having cars removed from his front lawn!
I also believe Australia is way behind South Africa on enforcing cell phones in car rules. I have seen so many people careering along talking openly on their mobiles... Quite a surprize as Australia is so strict on its speed limits.
Did I mention its cold? - and dark by 5:30! oh well summer will come one day but as they say in South Africa - I am now "gatvol" of winter (had enough)

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