Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting a cell or mobile phone in Sydney - my experiences


First off, on arrival at the airport I purchased a Sim plus airtime pack in the airport lobby from some reseller.

It did not work - $33.00 gone. Was informed by Vodafone that this happens and it would be easier to buy a new one - "only $2.00" she said. Well, $10 later plus airtime purchase, plus half an hour of form filling I had a prepaid from a Vodafone shop. Meh - not really impressed so far.

But, I now can't buy prepaid time online as my credit card is already registered to the other one. "phone 1555" they helpfully put on the website where you get one irritating virtual person called "Lara", who tries to ask you questions and after 5-10 minute of to-ing and fro-ing puts you through to an operator, which then informs you of office hours (of course as all hardworking, busy people want to faff on the phone (with dumb Lara) during work hours right?... WRONG!)

I had prepaid data with usb modem from them too, same hassles - cant recharge online, their vodafone websites does not really work and on the northern line only about 50% of the line has coverage from Gordon to Sydney - quite slow too.

Crazy Johns - really really suck!

Where do I start? Totally unhappy with them. Bought a 24 month contract with them as it was a phone plus modem package (for my laptop). Well they assured me it was through vodafone anyway and the modem speeds would be the same. Guess what? Its not. Less coverage, slower and very bad software surrounding it. It always took twice as long as the Vodafone software to get me online. meh. Looks like old windows 95 type software too!

Ok so I have a 24 month contract right? I also have a vodafone prepaid. So I phone vodafone to get he prepaid number onto the Crazy John contract as its the number everyone knows.. they say - "no problem" - phone Crazy Johns (but wait,  they are both vodafone - oh well no problem). I'll phone Crazy.. (oh yeah forgot to mention the Lara and the Crazy automated hell before the operator finally).

Ok I explain to the operator what I want, who then says "um we cant do this - you could do it when you started but not now". Well I want to know what the difference is - "policy" is the reply. Hmm not happy - you have lost a customer.

I then get the following helpful options. "You can get another prepaid with us, sir, it wont be the same number though?" ..... "Huh, I already have one lady...... gnnnn"


"What about buying another contract" she says, "then we can use your old number"... wtf pay another 24 months on top of that? "I'm just helping you sir" -------- gnnnn "click"

Crazy Johns - you have lost a customer. Your policies are stupid and your customer support is not too bright.

Oh also, Crazy Johns website offers credit credit cards payment - also does not work online - also a phone run a round until you get told to phone Mon - Friday during office hours. MEH this feels like 10 year old service. The long and short - I have to phone them to pay via credit card.

Anyway sorry about the rant everyone..
be warned.

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