Friday, May 28, 2010

Our journey to Australia

I was asked in a recent comment about my journey to Australia and decided to raise it to a proper blog post.


we left South africa Originally to go the USA as we felt it had a lot of racism (as we are a mixed couple). Also we felt we had a better future in country with less internal problems etc. We came back from the USA as we were taken over on a visa which only allowed us to work at one company for three years and the salary was quite low - so we struggled and on top of that we missed home very much. it was the first time we left South Africa and it was the hardest. When we got back to South Africa we were there for three years and the old problems cropped up. The south African economy was crashing a bit due to various factors. The interest rates went up to about 19% at one stage and I watched the price of things in the shops double in about 2 Months. - My mortgage more than doubled in about 3 4 months. This and various other factors made us look to find a better future elsewhere. The only place I could go was the UK. We spent 5 years there and it was a shock to us as the UK was definitely very strange in many ways. The culture, the cold weather, the lack of warmth and sunlight. We were then able to get a australian visa which came through at about the time of the global credit crunch and as I was a contractor and on a visa which gives no support I had to find work elsewhere. Believe me I tried hard to get work in the UK, but at the time the market was flooded with several thousand out of work computer professionals. It was like a door closed and a door opened in Australia. This is a greatly simplified version but really we could and we did.

hope this helps a bit?

I think australia has less help for its citizens than the UK on the whole. ATM the UK feels like home. Australia is too expensive for me. If you are both working, willing to live cheap then you will make it in Australia. The UK is in a recession atm, Australia is not. I cant comment on New Zealand apart from the fact I like the the few New Zealanders I have met so far.

I have met people here from Europe who work as drivers etc and they complain bitterly and in fact relate the same stories as every where else - if you are a labourer your life sucks :)

Anyway hope that helps?

If you  go somewhere it will take 5 years minimum for it to become home.

Or go somewhere really light -take little get a job and have the mindseet that you are trying it out - so you can go home with feeling like your trip has failed. moving coutnry is ok for some, others its not.

Thanks for reading! - please leave a comment on your experience too - let me know about your life here plz

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  1. I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

  2. Hi, welcome are you about to immigrate? or thinking about it? Or just reading :)

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  4. hi! this is such a wonderful site. My family is immigrating to aussie as well. our baby is just 2 years old. we're currently residing in Belgrade, Serbia. No one wants to speak English here (our country home is Philippines), no support system, poor services, we cannot blend in because there's less Filipino community here, poor education system as well.

    so byron, what you think? I like your blog, it so real... gives me insights on what our life will be once in aussie. any tips?


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