Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bonus letter day

Not sure if this is a Sydney thing but there seems to be a big excitment and festivity around bonus time where I work.  Along with bonus's come promotions and everyone is congratulating each other. I guess this only happens in large institutions like banks.

I think its called "letter lunch" or "letter dinner" or "letter day"

All of sudden there were lunches, gatherings, drinks, restaurant bookings and so on.

Seems quite nice, I never saw this is the UK or South Africa.

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  1. Because this is a work-related post and also because I'm a little bit curious (You can read: I've got the same occupation) I would like to ask You, what are the average salaries in Sydney when it comes for programming? I mean I know that there is a big difference between c++/java/sap etc developers but in general, do software-engineers earn better there than in the UK?

  2. I think a really top senior developer - banking job in Sydney will pull about 110 - 140k. - mid range is about 60 - 90k - this includes the super. and then theres bonus.

    Its hard to compare Sydney with London. Probably the same-ish. In london I seemed to have slightly more cash, but I had a 2 hour commute EACH WAY.

    please remember above all Sydney is very expensive. If you want leafy - you will pay a lot!!.


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