Monday, April 5, 2010

Australia, Sydney, St Ives - Leeches after the rain


This leach is from the short grass next to our driveway! We were living in St Ives in Sydney Australia at them time.

I found this little present on my daughters leg some time back, The bulge is all her blood. Thanks goodness it attached itself to her sock and not her leg. As it is she had a traumatic experience over this. She just got out the car to get the post and it somehow got onto her leg.

See the video below.

Ok, here I bashed it and all the blood came out. But it would not die. They are not harmful and inject a slight anesthetic so you don't feel them. Nice huh?

People who have grown up in Australia seem to be used to them, I mentioned them to someone at work and he cheerfully told me of his wife who found about 20 on her leg after a walk in the local forest....

They are like little terminators, I tried hitting it with a piece of wood about 10 times but it just kept going. They are like living pieces of rubber. Apparently viniger kills them. I just bagged it and put it in the bin in the end.

Here's a blurry video of it trying to find some flesh to suck on.

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