Thursday, April 15, 2010

Australia at 8 months and counting

Well, we have been here in Sydney since June 2009. What a roller coaster it has been. We almost left to go back to the UK. I resigned twice from my work and left them for a two week period before we settled down again. Hats off to my management for their patience and they have really earned my loyalty. 120% effort from now on.

From my first day in Sydney its been a ride, I have stayed own my own in shared accommodation for a month in Baulkham Hills, On Scotland Island for a month, enduring the long bus ride, the ferries and uphill trudges(It's a paradise though). And now we have been in St Ives for seven months. We are coming up for our first Winter. Yup, Autumn is here and I have desperately been swimming in the pool before it gets too cold. I will probably stop when I get the flu like in Cape Town.

The kids are settling, one is at TAFE, the other at school and boy it took long for the teens to settle and get happy. Now for grind of pushing on.

We have a puppy now, so thats pretty permanent. A cute little girl mini Daschund called Lulu, she is very intelligent and actually is allowing us to train her at eight weeks.

We have explored suburbs like Rouse Hill and beaches like Bongin Bay and seen Tiger sharks at Manly Beach.

My blog has jumped from page rank of 0/10 to 3/10 which is totally awesome. Three out of ten is a pretty good for a little blog, but I just wish people would click on the sponsored links a bit more. Ah well, one day!!

I have also passed 6500 page hits on my site which is quite good so its ticking over nicely! Not bad for four months hey?  (its now at 60000)

My most commented post on the blog is here - Why do immigrants leave Australia?

Anyway thanks so far to everyone that has read this site and I vow to add to it more often as I have been quite slack.

Thanks also to those kind people who have subscribed for my posts. This is quite novel. Hopefully I can build a nice subscribed base.

And people, good luck with your visa's et al and wherever you get to, I hope it brings joy.

Oh yeah, for some reason, I am missing the UK and Bedford? And the few work colleagues I made there.

Later peeps!

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