Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parrots in St Ives, Sydney

Ok, after being woken up at 4am for the frikken umpteenth time, I decided to show the world what the worst sounding bird in the world looks like. Seriously these guys have no whistle, they make crows sound like canaries. They flock in clumps of 3 to 15 and when they wake up all hell breaks loose.

Come to think of it they do it it at dusk when they settle in the trees around our house at night. (Little fu**ers). They are all over and will commonly be on the ground as I walk to my car from the station and are less perturbed by me than doves. I reckon their beaks can do some serious damage too.

Here is a video I took of two parents feeding their baby in the trees above where we park our car at night. The light was very bad so the colour is a little washed.

Here are some othere parrots. I have even seen a flock of budgies !?

I was warned by a lady on scotland island NOT to feed them, otherwise they hang out at your house or verandah and chew everything to bits..

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