Friday, February 5, 2010

Why you should not immigrate!

Ok, so we all want something new, exciting and inspiring!

Easiest thought is to go for the fact that life "will be better" on the other side. Somehow, you think to yourself, your life will be happier than before. More money than before. Easier than before. Simpler. More Time. Sunnier, Warmer. Friendlier.

Very often this is not the case, it gets less simple, can be lonelier, more stressful as you learn the ropes and set up your new life "over there". It call also be very very expensive.

Some people have very legitimate reasons to leave. The've lost their jobs, maybe they are ready for new adventures, maybe things are "more" where ever they are going, maybe they are escaping crime or some un-tennable situation.

But we forget that we bring ourselves, our same skills, our inner problems (emotional etc). The things that bug us in one place often bother us in the other.

We forget the social networks we leave behind (no matter how small you may think at the time), the familiarity, the knowledge and comfort of knowing how things work.

We forget about our kids social networks, - their friends, girlfriends, supporting teachers and so on.

Family get left behind, family who are bereft.

It can takes years, if ever for new social networks to be built up.

There is always a trade off somewhere.

Why not just move house, take a long holiday, study for another career or start a new hobby?

Unfortunately, once the bug has bit, its very hard to remove it.


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