Saturday, February 27, 2010

St Ives, Sydney - general tips about schools, trains and shops


I was asked about schools, parking and trains in St Ives.

In general, you can't go to Sydney by bike or car as parking in Sydney is $60 plus a day.

Most people use the busses and trains which are safe and good and numerous.
Yes, you can park at the stations - you dont pay to park even with cars. Everyone fills up the station car park and then parks all around the station. The later you arrive, the more blocks away etc.

St Ives primary is great. Excellent Headmaster and teachers - I have a lot of time for them.

The high school is not bad and is safe. I dont think there are enough teens in St Ives so a lot of kids arrive by bus and train. LOTS of kids take trains to school.

One of the best schools in the WHOLE of Sydney is Killara High School. St Ives is just out of the catchment though.

The nearest train station in St Ives is Gordon. It has lots of parking, although it fills up quick. It is right next to a main Rd or High Street called Pacific Highway. There are numerous shops, banks, a Woolworths, a couple of food places (Curry, chicken, fish 'n chips, news agent, Thai etc)

There are other stations near by which are literally 5 minutes each way from Gordon. We shop at Coles near Lindfield station as its not busy and is the cheapest of ALL the super stores. Its not getting enough customers so its prices are always better than even other Coles stores.

The St Ives Village Mall is good, but we found it a little too expensive and also very busy but it has everything you can ask for.

Oh yeah my wife just put our new(we got him today) 7 week old Daschund girl pup on my shoulder.

Anyway hope that helps.

Oh yeah, There is an excellent barber on the Gordon main rd near the station...

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