Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Head, the Gap - a famous Sydney tourist site

We took a drive to the picturesque South Head. This is a famous peninsula about 20 minutes from Sydney CDB in the Easter Suburbs. It is basically the southern piece of Land when entering the Sydney Harbour water ways by sea.

Its a great place to visit for a quick drive, a walk or as a day at the beach.

The inner side of the South Head is away from the sea waves. So picture grassy parks alongside calm clear water. Safe for kids of any age to swim in. Its an ideal picnic spot.

There are various restaurants and Hotels. Just type Watsons bay into your GPS system to get there.

The head is actually called the Sydney Harbour National Park and you can take a nice coastal walk through there.

On the seaward side there are some cliffs with waves beating up against them. There is a notorious cliff called the gap that has had some shipwrecks and is known as a suicide spot. See picture below.

The South Head has a Light house called Hornby, which you can walk to. Apparently built some time ago after two shipwrecks.

Any way thats another nice day out for us Sydney arrivees. Its a really, really safe place for kids to swim on the harbour side of the head.

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