Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rouse Hill - schools


this is a quick follow up on my excursions to Rouse Hill as we wer quite interested in it as a place to settle.

It has a bullet bus that takes 40 minutes to Sydney CBD.

There are two Rouse Hill area, the "Old" and the  "New". We were looking at the old area.
We have since found out that it has primary school and a high school. The high school is new though and is currently on years 8 and 9 - year 10 next year only. Its growing year by year.
The catchement area for the old Rouse Hill (where we wanted to be) is Riverstone and a few of the local people were negative about the school. Driving through Riverstone confirmed this as it looks very rural. So although we would love to be in Rouse hill, the high school is not too favourable for us.

The "Rouse Hill" which is on the east side of the huge shopping centre is in the catchement for Kellyville high.. but this is very new with a lot of building going on. Perhaps the right time to get in?

Kellyville high school is a better option.

We really loved Rouse Hill as it had lots of easy shops and  parking, was not hugeley built up, all the houses were new but, it really is for young families. If you have big money this is not for you...;)

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  1. Hi!
    I just found your blog so randomly. Its incredibly interesting. I live in Rouse Hill. The old Rouse Hill. There is actually a brand new school that opened up but currently is being phased in so not all grades are operating.

    I am very impressed with your level of research into different suburbs.

    p.s. you're right Riverstone is best avoided!



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