Monday, February 15, 2010

How do I buy property in Australia?


today, I am basically posting about a book that I recently bought called "0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years" by Steve McKnight.

I am not too into punting books, but once I arrived, having not sold my property in the UK, I was faced with the situation of trying buy a property in Australia with no deposit(well very little).

I picked this book up quite by chance in a Sydney book store as it was a best seller and the title was quite catchy.

I really, really can recommend this book. Its very motivational, it is inspiring (I just wanted to go out and start property investing). Its very well written, ie not too complex, holds a lot of simple experience and is written by a guy who is quite religious so there seems to be no hard sell.

It has examples and basically is written by a local Australian who has bought hundreds of properties in Australia and New Zealand.

For me it shows various things like how to buy Australian properties to make a profit, how to buy with no deposit, how to rent out properties, how to develop properties, how to renovate/flip and so on.

So if your new or local to Australia its a must have. Its cheap and make easy reading.

The reviews by various people on this book are quite amazing.

I have a link to it here and if you buy it through this link I do get a commission. :)

Well I hope it helps.

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