Thursday, February 4, 2010

The first Thing to do in Sydney! - Visit the Tower


The first thing you need to do in Sydney, is visit the tower. I wish I had done this when I first arrived in Australia.

The thing is, you cant really appreciate Sydney, nor get your Sydney bearings without going up there. Obviously its not going to make you "know" Sydney, but this gave me an immediate idea of where to go, how much waterway there was and identified the main tourist sites etc.

The view is stupendous. It's not busy in the week and there are a couple of things todo. You can go to the enclosed viewing platform, go right up top outside or use the restaurant. The viewing platform also has some snacks and souveniers(if your into that).

Its a quick trip - 45 minutes at the most if you are just viewing.

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  1. Interesting little blog, Why not provide an email address for feedback? Your white parrots are Sulfur-crested Cockatoos, your spider is a Huntsman. I had a similar experience with a spider--it had crawled inside the local newspaper left on the lawn in Pymble, I was reading the paper one hot night relaxing with a beer and wearing not a stitch of clothing, when I turned a page and discovered a funnel-web spider. To this day I cringe as I reflect on the possible outcomes ..... Until I moved from the district 12 years on, I re-lived that horror every week--every time I'd turn a page in that paper and see the advert by a local pest control firm, their attention-getting ad featuring a life-size funnel-web spider!


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