Thursday, February 18, 2010

The biggest favour you can do for yourself when Immigrating - A TomTom or similiar


For a while now I have been wanting to express my feelings about my Tom Tom GPS system. I know that to most people this is a normal piece of daily life, but for me it was slightly different. I had always looked down on them. I finally caved in about 2 years ago in the UK and bought my self the cheapest TomTom I could find.

I tell you what, genuinely, this is a stupendously under-rated piece of equipment.

I never have to check a map, I never have to squabble in the car on missed turn-offs. I never have to actually concentrate on every turn-off to see if its the one I need to take. I NEVER have to remember the way home. I can explore, and it just re-adjusts. When I came to Australia I just pre-downloaded the Australian maps and bam, it worked off the plane in Sydney.

The UK opened up to me immediately. Sydney opened up for me immediately. If I need a nearby shopping mall, garage, beach or tourist point of interest, I can just click it up.

They give speed limit, warn you when your speeding, tell you by voice about your next turn, tell you how far the next turn is, tell you how far you must go on the current road and also estimate the time of your arrival at the destination. Some even monitor traffic build up.

If you have a car you really need to get one of these.

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