Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tired in Sydney - can you believe it?

Well, its typical, its my own fault I'm tired.

In the UK, I commuted for four years from Bedford to London. This involved 2 hours each way and 3 different trains each way. Two tubes and one train actually. I was so tired. I refused to sleep early as I resisted the shortening of my me-time, only to be bleary eyed an dzombie like.

It amazing that I could program computer programs at all. Somehow I figured out how to shower and dress and get to work without really waking up until I got there.

I am now in Sydney and just as tired... Why? because I stay up too late blogging, playing CSS and trying to figure out how to get rich. :) Figures huh.

Think I would be more successful in life if I got more sleep (or is it self-discipline(yeah it's that))

I have another "shits 'n giggles blog" which explains the game I play to relax. Two links below.

click here : a counter-strike story. Some gut who played on one of the famous local UK servers.

click here : The most serious game of counter strike in history (an summary of  a team match betrween Scotland and England)

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