Monday, January 4, 2010

Sydney Day Trips - Blue Mountains


well, from time-to-time we like to get out the house and do spontaneous day trips.

As we are new in Sydney the success of these trips are based luck or are based on hearsay from a  colleague or friend.

The below picture is the 3 sisters, where you can see the blue haze in the background...
Its from one of the viewing platforms.
This involves exploring, sometimes the trip fails and other times it seems its really good. 

We went on a sort of house/area investigation in the west(Katoomba) as the properties are largish and cheap and pushed on into the mountains. Now these are not Table mountain, but are just as scenic. They seem to creep up on you as you drive and all of a sudden you are 1000 meters above sea level.

There are numerous place to go in the Blue Mountains. There are lots of lookout places, rivers, gorges, valleys, caves and even a cable car.

Oh yeah, there a lots of trails, from 20 minutes to days. All clearly marked and so on. So bring your trainers with if your in the mood. Bring your costume if you like da water man! I do!!!

There are also lots of place to get food - from scones to meals - you know the score.

Watch out for spiders - WE went to a public toilet and after settling saw a red-back perched in the corner behind the toilet. (Worlds fastest rest stop!! oh yeah!)

I believe you can do abseiling, climbing and also canoeing too.

There are numerous places to stay, from hotels to bed-'n-breakfasts to resorts.

This is all quite spread out and there are some nice villages to visit.

Some people even buy property close to here as its cheap and just they just bear with the long commute into Sydney.

They are Called the blue mountains as they actually look blue. There is a blue haze that hovers above the mountains which is produced by oil from the plentiful Eucalyptus trees.

Well enough said for now, I'll blog about specific trips another time.

cya for now ;)

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