Sunday, January 24, 2010

The secret of finding a place to stay in Sydney, Australia

So, your moving to Australia (Sydney maybe?)

You want to find your new Home right? I dont mean house, I mean HOME - the place you settle, the place you grow up in, the place you become familiar with.

You want good schools, good transport routes, good shops, night life, etc.

Well you CANT do it from oversea's. I guess you can if your lucky, or have friends and family in an area, or even money.

But thats still no guarantee. Even a holiday trip is not going to do it.

Here's how you do it. Do your internet homework, (forums, blogs, contacts, websites),

THEN,  DO - NOT - COMMIT long term when you come. Get a rental - get it central and then give yourself 6 months to a year to explore the region. Dont rush it.

You can spend three hours everynight researching on the net from some far off land and never get it right... You have to be here.

Get a rental, open your mind that you will have to move (and your kids), and... relax.

I have been here 7 months and still know very little. It takes trip after day trip to see suburbs, towns, coastal regions and finally to "feel" the region.

Part of the secret of finding a place to stay in Australia is to see it as a long term adventure!

Once here in Australia plan your sight-seeing to include suburbs (on the way). Theres nothing better than discovering a hidden gem of a suburb on a random day trip.

Anyhoo, ciao for now

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