Sunday, January 17, 2010

Manly - North Head - worth the visit

Hi guys,

well today we were just up for a short drive from our place in St Ives. We decided we had not seen Manly yet so got the address and drove to North Head in Manly(Sydney).

This is the closest piece of land to the sea of the Northern side of the Sydney waterways.

It took us a while to get to seeign this and I wish I had done it before as one really needs to see the scenic views of Sydney. Sydney cannot be appreciated from inside it really.

Here is a small map I embedded from google.

View Larger Map

Its worth the view. You can walk, cycle and bus it so theres plenty to do. There are some nice beaches in Manly and seems very relaxed and festive. You can see all the yachts and ferries in the harbour from the head, so we are going to take the ferry tommorow.

That should provide us with an awesome view of Sydney from the water and we might go up the tower in Sydney once there.

Forgot my Camera so nicked this picture off the net...;)

Have a good one!

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