Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life, Lumps and Spirit

Life, Lumps and Spirit

"what's this got to do with this blog!", you say...


This topic is hugely relative to immigrating to Sydney(or anywhere) as I believe a large part of anything we do is down to the spirit we live by in life...

Well this post came about as I was really happy the other morning. It was one of those moments when spiritually all was good. I had slept, I was on a diet(sigh), I had some time off from work. I was "eager", thats huge in itself. It felt like a new day.

So I started to think about what makes people succeed or fail or be happy or sad. Life is huge, there are many lumps we face and intriguingly there are the different ways that people handle these.

HUGE topic! right? (...yup and I'm not going to even try to answer everything)

The way we react to any given circumstance will be based on the overall state we are in. If I'm up, happy and positive, nothing will be too daunting. Even in small things, e.g. a person might not go out one evening (because they are tired, or whatever) and totally miss some great sight or person or exercise, which in turn, would spur them on to more and better things.

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You are like a ecosystem on its own. WOW! big word there, but its true, we have many parts, our mind, our emotions, our body, our spirit, our beliefs. If any one of these things is poisoning us the rest of the system starts to fail or die.

No food or exercise = no energy - equals no action - equals unhappiness and failure.

No mental stimulation and learning - equals no action and no decisions - or even worse WRONG decisions

No interaction with others - no development - no action - no confidence.

You get the drift right?, I'm not trying to make a formula, just making want to make the point that we are complex with many complex inputs to our lives and any one part of that can be affecting our spirit.

Some people "naturally" deal with everything, somehow it's inbuilt and they cruise through life. For most people its not so.

There is a lot of power in introspection, i.e. trying to work out how you work, how your feelings, mind and bodily health work together. try to figure out why you do things and also get some input from books, people, articles on the web etc. If you rely solely on your self you will be seriously limiting yourself to what only "you" know. Who knows, you might stumble on something that changes your life forever.

Also. Try to figure our what you are doing that might get you down? Or conversely, try to figure out what gets you up. Sometimes, something as small as an extras half hour of sleep might change your whole day.

Often we cause our own good spirits, so lets find out what does that.

Maybe you need a goal or a vision ahead, if no challenge, then we are purposeless and achieve nothing. So tune your goals (don't aim for president). Make them something you can achieve easily. Do an exam, do a hike, bake a cake - do whatever rocks your boat.

Things like guilt, can really harm your spirit, allow a good attitude to stay in your mind and soul and your spirit will catch up and then you'll be a boat on full throttle!!

Well that's my "peece" for today ;) Hope yours is a good one.

Feel like reading more ? : My most commented post on the blog is here - Why do immigrants leave Australia?

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