Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to help your child make friends at their Australian school

Is your child fitting in at their new Australian school? Are you worried about him or her coping at a new school? Do you want to help your child to integrate to his new Ozzie school?

This is one of the most important things to do when immigrating. Your childs happiness may make or break your stay in your new country. Everyone can struggle after a major move, and watching your child struggle at school can be a very large straw on the camel's back.

Help them catch opportunities.

Make sure they never miss an opportunity to link up with their new school friends. If theres an invite, help them to be there, take off work early, pull a sickie, beg, borow or steal the money! Make it happen! If they are asked to go to the mall, let them go (give them money! Its as important as your grocery budget if not more so!). Offer to lift them. (Even if your tired).

Is it a new dress your kid needs? A skateboard? Watch for the signs that they are doing stuff to get into the crowd. Help them sagely and silently.

I cannot stress how important this is. New invites or opportunities only come once. If your child misses the initial invite or outing, he will soon be passed by, and left to be a loner. MAKE IT HAPPEN. This should be your priority for the fist six months at least.

If you kid spirals into being a loner or retreats to his computer and this becomes the norm, you will have lost the opportunity and it will take forever to get them out of it, if ever.

Integrating your teenager is the most important as kids that are eleven and under are more resiliant/innocent and less prone to the huge teenage anxieties. (Even though your attention on them should still be the same)

Get those horrible new kids over, let them mess up your rumpus room, dont panic! All teens are idiots! ;)

Prompt him or her to ask someone over, or to phone someone up and visit.

Intoduce them to an activity, club, youth group. Activity is key. Gym or karate.

I hope this helps you and your children survive the move.

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