Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hate your new country? Your not alone!

You wanna move to another country right(I did)? You wanna go somewhere better?

Well it might not be what you want!

My advice: If either spouse(or teen) is unhappy, do something to accommodate them, send them home for long holidays (once or twice a year) - no matter what it costs.. give them something to live for....

DO things like week long holidays. Get yourselves out of the home where you can recharge.. spend the cash !!! its way cheaper than having to relocate country every couple of years.

If you have property and are returning to SA, rent it out - go back for some time and SEE! - you might want to come back. (Even if you lose some cash doing this)

People give crappy advice, they say, "burn your bridges, sell it all, move it all etc". Its crap. YOU CANNOT BURN the bridges in your mind! You will not know until your gone how much you will miss your home town.

Another thought. If you are first time leavers. DO not sell your house. rent it out, make it a staged process, come back for a year, then go again. I know this sounds crazy and burns cash, but in reality we are far more sensitive to change in life than we know or think..

Why make your immigration a one off process? Enjoy both countries..

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  1. So Byron,

    Is this how you feel?

  2. absolutely, I feel we try to make things to cut and dried. Many people immigrate, go home and then realize why they immigrated in the first place, and leave again :)

  3. Interesting site and views. We're planning on moving to Australia on a 175 visa this year. Should get Visa in the next month or so, and then it's looking for employment. I agree that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, so it's important to be clear about why you're making the move.....and I guess a trip back home every now and again may help reminding you of those reasons. I know a few people in Australia and I don't have any kids, so I'm hoping adjusting and starting a new life will be a little easier (but NOT easy!!). How are you settling in?

  4. Hi Craig,

    well many people love it over here, and I think the fact that you dont have kids will make it easy for you both to find cheap accommodation at first (ie your not tied to a school area) and you cane asily move around. I love it here as I am working but am finding it difficult financially. I think I made more on the whole working in London. People that find work (ie both partners) often make friends quicker because they are working ;) and there is plenty of exploring to do on weekends!!! :)

  5. Hi Byron
    Thanks for such an honest and from-the-geart post. We recently recieved our PR visas and now simply cannot see ourselves leaving or even living in another land- i know it sounds ridiculous but we have just put all plans on hold
    Thanks again -- all the best to you -J

  6. Thanks Jayan,
    glad this was useful to someone. Hope your dreams work out.


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