Saturday, January 2, 2010

A good Furniture Rental company in Sydney

Hi All

Well, when we came over we had a bit of lag time between when we started renting a place and when our container of house hold goods arrived.

note: Be careful, even though the shipping companies say 10 - 14 days to deliver from arrival- this really means 10 to 30 days ok! - anything can hold it up, from public holidays, sick workers and they might be under heavy load.

If you are on a budget and if you are going to be waiting over a month for your goods - dont rent - its probably cheaper to buy skeleton furniture.

But if its shorter, or you cant be bothered to go shopping for 30-40 items then just call up a furniture rental company.

Just call up, get some quotes, haggle a little (not too much) and let them know a delivery date. The company I used turned up at the agreed time, spent an hour or so unpacking everything and putting in all the furniture, They even put all the kitchen stuff in all the drawers and brought complimentary items and things like coffee and tea etc. They were friendly and it was a really positive experience.

SO NICE to move in and just chill! as apposed to camping in your house!!

My rental costs for kitchen package, lounge suite, dining room table, large tv + cd player, plus 5 beds, plus chairs, hoover etc etc was about $400 per week, I think its cheaper if you take it for longer periods.

The lady that helped was Leah and I can really recommend her and her company.

Cheers peeps! hope that helps.

oh yeah - link to the company Living Edge is here. Their website looks pricey, but I compared a few and these guys seemed priced cheaply and were really helpful. They also seem to be country-wide.

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