Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheapest 4 bedroom new build houses in Sydney, Australia

Hi, so you want to know which areas are cheap or in-expensive in Sydney? I think many of us that immigrate to Sydney Australia will be looking at the option of building a new house.

I'm going to focus on the North to North West areas of Sydney for now.

Lets get this clear - there is very little new house building North of Sydney. Its built up in a wide circle that encompasses the beach areas, Hornsby, Glenhaven and Baulkham Hill, Castle Hill,  and so on.

Outside of that area to the West and North West you can find new house builds. I have been primarily concentrating on four bedroom homes.

The price range is, from the worst areas - $460000 to about $650000 (the better). Obviously there are houses that are way more expensive, but I am focusing on the average persons needs herev(like me).

Builders charge from about $245000 to about $350000(upmarket spec) to build and you have to come up with the land. The cheapest land I have seen is about $250000. You can probably get cheaper, but this will be out of a suburb - sort of rural. i.e. no schools, buses etc. And long commutes.

If you head further west to Penrith you can get Land for about $200000 but then the penalty is the long commute to Sydney(1.5 hour by train.)

Even Further to Katoomba its cheaper - but its far - Its also really really nice out there.

There is a lot of land for sale and new houses springing up around Rouse Hill, Glenwood, Quaker Hill, The Ponds, Beaumont Hills, Kellyville Ridge, Dural, Acacia Gardens and around the Stanhope shopping mall. A lot of these houses are small and close to each other. Not too leafy.

For me so far, Rouse Hill has a very nice local set of shops plus a Big Mall one click away. It has a primary school and a High school but its new and only has years 8,9 and 10 so far. Its all new housing. Its quite far out though and there is a lot of public busses. There is a "bulletbus" which is privately run with tea and coffee and this takes between 40 and 70 minutes to get to Sydney(depends on the traffic or time)

Kellyville is very nice too - slightly more up market than Rouse hill (only slightly) and this is between the Stanhope and Rouse hill shopping malls. Not a bad option too. There are a lot of builder display houses here. Slightly soul-less as its a new suburb - but has huge potential.

All the above areas are developing and are nearby to lots of shops and furniture stores etc.

Hope this helps someone - drop me a comment or question or even subscribe for my bits.

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  1. Kellyville, is not a new suburb at all its about as old a castle hill, which is one of the older oter suburbs in sydney!

  2. Ok - am trying to work out where I said Kellyville is a new area but hey np. Kellyville is surrounded by new areas and new land... - Kellyville Ridge?

  3. what do the prices of that size home look like for East Sydney locales within 20 minutes the beach?


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