Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Awesome, secluded Beach at Bongin Bay.


well we came across this awesome beach on one of our weekend twighlight wanders. We kind of get bored at about 5/6pm sometimes and just go for drives.
Its secluded, quiet and surrounded by cliffs. Awesome for sunsets. (I wonder where it gets it name "Bongin" bay, ahem, maybe its an aph)

You can drive right down to a small parking lot near Warriewood Surf Club.

Address: Narabeen Park Pde (I guess that means Parade or Prominade), then just look for a really steep little Rd going down to the beach.

This is just our kind of beach as we are not into crowds. Also if you drive a couple of hundred metre North you get to some nice green parks on top of some cliffs which have tremendous views. You can walk your dog there and so on.

This is the "left" (or North), side of this beach, nearer the surrounding cliffs.

Apparently this is popular for surfing too.

This gets return visit star from me.

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