Friday, January 8, 2010

Australian racism on Indians? Really?

Well, the Delhi Mail Today, has posted this provocative cartoon which is basically accusing Australians of racism.

Must say, I was surprized at the outcry as I have not heard much about racism in Australia at all.

My kids, whose St Ives school is primarily european and asian, have stated that the kids dont  mix, each group keeping to themselves. I have also seen quite a bit of anti asian ranting on gaming servers here. Mind you, I have seen the same between Australians and New Zealanders.

I was initially shocked at the outcry over one death and the immediate reaction and assumption that this was a racist attack. Surely there would be others that should step forward? Could this have been a mere fight or a bunch of gangbangers hanging in the park. I really dont see how this one event has caused such an outcry?

Of course I am quite sheltered in my nice suburb and job. Everyone is mixed and many of my managers are from other countries. Seems pretty cool here to me.

I guess racism or disrespect of people causes those disrespected people to jump in outrage when these events occur.

Hopefully this is a one off event.

What do you think?

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  1. I totally accept the fact that the media might be blowing this issue out of propotion. But my only concern is, it's just not one instance. I am in india migrating to Perth next month & we have been hearing a lot of attacks on indians especially in Sydney & Melbourne. So, i am just trying to get a clearer picture of what's really goin on... I would be more than happy to know if it's just a one case scenario as pointed out.... :)

  2. Hi Tarun, I guess I have to agree that there is an element of racism - and this shows up all around the world unfortunately. (I have lived in South Africa, USA, UK and now Australia)
    Normally its really just emotionally unintelligent people that do it and it really becomes serious late at night etc when people are drunk in parks in poorer areas and so on. I dont think that Australia is a whole is racist as we have not experienced it (mixed couple). In the UK its much worse. in fact where I work in one of the biggest banks in Sydney, its totally mixed and many of my superiors are no European. Dont be afraid of Australia - just stay out of stupid places late at night etc :)

  3. I cant talk about Perth, but Sydney is totally cosmopolitan. I just took my son to Ultima Tafe for the software development course registration and the head of IT is an indian guy :)

  4. Yup. You cannot blame a country just coz a few misbehave. This happens all around the world. Be it your hometown or elsewhere. I was very nervous initially, but talking to a lot of people thru forums & blogs, has increased my confidence a lot. I am very much looking forward to stepping into this beautiful country to live & enjoy it's beauty!!!

  5. yes agree that Sydney has hidden racism, if you are non-white/ not Caucasian, it is very difficult to be employed (there is definitely a subtle hidden racism to be employed by Caucasian/ white managers from the companies)...


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