Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sydney - Scotland Island - a hidden gem (or not you decide) (3)

The way to get to the island is via a Place called Church Point. Park there, climb on ferry, buy ticket- easy. Ask the ferry driver/captain. Many people just take the ferry ride as it stops at most jetties and is very scenic - the ride takes about 35 minutes and leaves continually all day.

There is a shop and restaurant at the ferry point so you can eat there too.

The place is pretty small and rustic - so not big and bustling at all.

If you keep going afterwards (with car) - there is some scenery to be seen up mcArthers Creek road. V. nice.

I was astounded when I first arrived there. Locals take the place for granted....Its exceedingly beautiful.

Oh yeah the reason we stayed there was because the rentals were cheap. (must be honest, the ferry costs negated this in the end as we were 5) I think living there with "tinny" (a small alluminium boat) would be cost effective.

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